Contract Storage and handling services

What we offer

Euromed Pharma Ireland can offer you a contract storage and handling service that fits your needs and supports your business.

Our temperature controlled ambient warehouse and walk-in Fridge is at your disposal.
On your behalf, we will receive and store each incoming shipment for you. Upon full checks for quality, batch and expiry date compliance, we will provide you with the details you need to process the shipment on your side.
We will also pack and prepare (and ship if you require) your outbound order according to your request.

Euromed Pharma Ireland is fully compliant with the Falsified Medicines Directive and will scan your shipment according to the guidelines. We can provide you with copies of compliance of each of your shipments should you need it, or on an as-requested basis.

Should you also be shipping goods outside the EU, we can decommission the packs from the system for you.

Should you require temperature-sensitive shipments outbound, we can offer you a solution in some of our validated temperature-controlled shippers.