Comparator sourcing for Clinical Trials

What we offer

Euromed Pharma Ireland has a long history of supporting companies in sourcing for clinical trials or comparator sourcing.

We buy directly from manufacturers and fully approved wholesalers.

We can leverage our extensive supplier network both in Ireland and throughout the Petrone Group to ensure you get the most reliable, cost-efficient and secure source of supply.

Our company holds full-line wholesale licenses in all countries of operations. We can access prescription drugs, over the counter (OTC) medicines, medical and surgical devices and ancillaries

We ensure safe access to products including whenever possible their certificate of analysis (COA), certificate of conformity (COC) & tse/bse statements

Euromed Pharma Ireland can assist you with your sourcing requirements at any stage of the Clinical Trial.

Whatever your needs, we can help, be they Irish, UK, EU or non EU products.

As part of the wider Petrone Group, we can access the knowledge, experience, contacts, and supply of our colleagues in Euromed Pharma (Naples) and Euromed Pharma US (New York) to fulfill your request.