Clinical Trial Supply Services

Bringing a molecule through drug development and the various phases of a clinical study is a process with an immense number of variables. To succeed all the components have ultimately to align. The cure for patients relies on the effective work of the study sponsor and every other player involved in the process. With the advancement of science, trials become more complex. From the sponsor perspective, having a direct influence on all the variables within the process is a safe approach to reduce the risks of failure. The lesser number of intermediaries in the process the higher the possibilities for the sponsor to reach the desired outcomes.

Euromed Pharma is the culmination of a joint effort of different professionals working together as one team to empower Sponsors and Research Organizations in achieving their goals. We understand that drug supply managers are too often at the mercy of competing priorities within the various stakeholders in their organization.

Any of the following cases sound familiar?

  • The clinical team has drug demands that do not reflect the actual availability of the market.
  • Financial approval for the study budget is not there at the time to procure supplies.
  • The timelines provided by the operations team are not in line with what some of the external vendors can deliver and what the internal colleagues expect.
  • Drug supply forecasting and management are considered last in the planning phases of the trial.
  • The assumption is that both the internal drug product as well as the access to concomitant, background, or comparator therapies are readily available.
  • At the first assessment of drug availability in the market, protocols must be revisited, adapted, or even changed because of the wrong assumption of availability.

Working during the early phases of planning with a partner that can offer reliable information on drug availability, can have a tremendous impact on the speed and efficiency of the process at the study launch phase.
Once the study is running, effective supply chain management is fundamental to ensure uninterrupted supplies to patients. The clinical supply forecasting, the interaction with the key stakeholders in the study to plan for resupplies, and the coordination of sub sequential deliveries are all critical to the success of the trial.

Euromed Pharma can support Drug Supply Organizations teams throughout the entire phases of their trials. Thanks to the coordinated work of our team of experts, this can be achieved on a protocol level, a product level, and even on a program level, enabling the entire department to leverage economies of scale and reducing the risk of interruption of supplies.

Our company holds full-line Wholesale licenses in all countries of operations. We can access prescription drugs, over the counter (OTC) medicines, medical and surgical devices, Ancillaries, and Control Substances (in certain regions). 

We offer Import/Export and Custom Clearance services

We are in direct contracts with all major pharmaceutical manufacturers

We ensure safe access to products including whenever possible their Certificate of Analyses (CoAs), Certificate of Conformity (CoCs) & TSE/BSE statements