We believe in the creation of value through collaboration and support. The company´s success is defined also by indicators that go beyond the financial ones. Our purpose is the satisfaction of all the stakeholders of the organization.

We believe in supporting the success of our employees, of the communities around which we operate and live, and of all our partners and customers.

We believe in serving individuals and companies that create, develop, and deliver healthcare products that will improve the well being of our society.




Customer Satisfaction



Simple and clear communication





Euromed Pharma is the most recent company launched by the Petrone Group, a family-owned business at its 3rd generation of continuous development. Carmine Petrone, the founding father of this enterprise, still walks the aisles of the company´s headquarters and provides support to his three sons who now lead the organization.

The Petrone Group is a conglomerate of thirty companies, a thousand employees, a network of pharmacies, three wholesale national distributors, a clinical manufacturing facility, nine rehabilitation centers in Naples, and a series of other specialty providers all focused on the health and pharmaceutical sector with a prosperous international activity and foreign offices in, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Singapore, and the United States.
Everything started in a small village on the outskirts of Naples…

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The Petrone family is a team of talented professionals. Each of them has unique expertise. All combined they create a distinctive and unique approach that is promoted to management, operations, and sales teams. This approach still embodies the core values that enabled the founding father to build the first pillars of this incredible organization.

Euromed Pharma is continuing this tradition by ensuring that every new team member is empowered with the ability to create value and bring their skills and contributions. All members of the team share a vision that unifies us under the same strong principles that make all Petrone`s companies unique in their approach.

After three generations and more than a thousand employees worldwide, the Petrone family continues to be the inspiration for all employees of the group, providing support and promoting continuous innovation, creativity, and diversification.